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Found a youtube-video that has taken å 'Yes on prop 8'-ad, and changed "Same sex marriage" to "interracial marriage".


I'm visiting Liv this weekend. Though I initially planned on visiting just her, it turns out that she's cohabitating with a bunch of spiders. One of the downsides of living in a basement, I guess.

Unfortunately, she's scared shitless of them.

Hence, it has been my happy duty to brutally murder the spiders as they are stupid enough to take trips out on the floor. I'm a big, feisty lesbian (okey, I'm not really big nor feisty, but let's pretend that I am, for the sake of my argument), while she is a tiny, easily-freaked out straight girl, so I understand how it is my duty to be killing the insects. One thing worries me though; they seem to be getting bigger. The first ones I killed where reasonably sized, but as the day moved on, they started taking on frightening proportions. The last one I killed was so big that it was uncomfortable to squash it with my fingers in a peice of paper, so I used a book, and the impact flattend the spider so completely that spider-goo went flying several centimetres. Yuck.

I'm worried that they'll keep growing, and maybe by the time I leave there will be dog sized spiders here. Maby not labrador sized, but certanly chiuaua sized spiders. My, oh, my, am I happy I'm leaving tomorrow.

Testing, testing

Not the worlds most innovative title for the first entry, but I can't be expected to allways be exeptional.

I haven't decided what to do with this blog yet, but to prevent this first entry from being a total bore, I'll post my one of new favorite quotes from the brilliant and funny Dan Savage.

"The instant my grandmother died, her marriage became a success.
Death parted my grandparents, not divorce, and death is the sole meassure of a successful marriage. When a marriage ends in divorce, we say that it's failed. The marriage was a failure. Why? Because both parties got out alive. It doesn't matter if the parting is amicable, it doesn't matter if the exes are happier apart, it doesn't matter if two happy marriages take the place of one unhappy marriage. A marriage that ends in divorce failed. Only a marriage that ends with someone in the cooler down at the Maloney's [a funeral home] is a success.
It's a rather perverse maesure of success."
- The Commitment, Dan Savage




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